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Donna Harris, REALTOR®
Donna Harris
RE/MAX Austin Skyline
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Donna Harris 512-592-7127  donna@donnahomes.com
RE/MAX Austin Skyline 6836 Bee Caves Rd #100; Austin, TX 78746
The Home-Buying process is not a long, hard process like many people think.  In all actuality, you
can decide to buy a home, get approved for a loan, go look at homes, write an offer, do your
inspections, and close on a home all in under a month!  Are you on a different time schedule then
that?  Not a problem.  

Over 94% of people do their own research on the internet before they actually go out and look at
homes.  They are researching neighborhoods and seeing what one area offers for a particular
price verse another area.  If you sign up for my automatic listings you can receive listings on a
regular basis for FREE!!!  
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The largest mistake people make is that they go looking for a house before they've been
pre-approved for a loan.  You need to be "pre-approved" for a loan, not just "pre-qualified." Most
buyers don't understand the
difference between an approval and a qualification, but most sellers
do, and in today's market, sellers will not consider an offer with only a qualification.

I work with very reputable mortgage people who will pre-approve you for a loan for FREE!  And
when you're referred to them through me, you are treated with the utmost of importance!!  I would
very much welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about the buying process and helping
you reach your goals of home-ownership.  Please call or email me at any time!  I'm looking
forward to working with you.
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